Third-party applications for our security

Third-party applications that protect your passwords, documents and folders

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We have reached the third and final article on security, I hope it’s as interesting as the previous ones. Let’s see how we protect passwords , documents that we carry in our devices and folders that it created eg Dropbox with personal information .

Reasons for using third-party applications

Although our Mac and iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad are already very safe, never hurts to add security , especially when that security complements and do not imply a change for which already include our devices.

We will discuss two applications whose use is different and their accessibility is checked. We know there are many more, perform a search online we get a bunch of free and paid options , each person must choose the most comfortable fit.

1 PassWord :

This great application has received many awards and is recognized by millions of users worldwide who use it daily to ensure your passwords, credit card details and logins pages and online services.

the great advantage of this application is that you only have to remember your master password because if we do not remember the application itself will not do it for us for safety .

Many passwords to memorize and it will force us to include in these numbers, capital and other signs , making it difficult to retain data in memory so many .

This app creates us if we want to secure passwords automatically, which do not need to memorize because the teacher we access everywhere. The secure password is the one that is stored on the websites and online services where we have our own and the teacher is nowhere to be seen , only in our head, is not recommended write it down on paper as he does many people , of course that you should not say it to anyone.

Is available for all types of operating systems of our computers and mobile devices , so we can use it without problems. Dropbox also allows you to save a Pendrive or an encrypted document safely containing all passwords and information that it generated with 1Password . This is useful if we want to access our bank or website from a different to ours and of course computer, we do not know the passwords that are long , then introduce the pendrive or accede to our dropbox account , open the document that contains the information and introduce the master password to access that document and see the personal data to be entered into the online site you want . Once we close the document , we will have to enter the master password to access it , so it’s okay if we leave it on a computer that is not ours , will always be a safe place .

1Password closes automatically after few minutes without using it , all to ensure your privacy .

You can see more information on their website

Viivo : encrypts documents and Dropbox folders

Sure you love carry important documents on your iPhone or Dropbox if you need them urgently. Save documents in Dropbox is great to have them always at hand option , to me has saved me on more than one occasion , I even left my ID and thanks to that I had showed it in Dropbox using my iPhone and fortunately served .

Yes, even Dropbox itself is safe, we have to recognize that if they want they can access the content that you have saved is not worth the castles of ” I have nothing to hide.” Well, this is where it comes into play Viivo , an application that encrypts documents and folders we decide that we want to have and safe from prying eyes.

The way it works is simple:

1. The install on the Mac by downloading it from

Two . After creating our user account, you will realize that you have created a folder in the home folder , that to which we usually accessed by convinación

+ sift + h command .

Three . In the folder Viivo keep everything we want to be saved in Dropbox safely.

April . Now we see that within a folder called Dropbox we live , it documents or folders are encrypted and with maximum safety .

This application is for both Mac and IOS , so we have access at all times to the most important information .

You can have more information in

hopefully these tips are useful for you .

Greetings and see you soon !

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